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The iMaser 3000 clock is a state-of-the-art, high-performance and smart maser, integrating intelligent functionality in a compact, cost-effective and maintenance-free package. It utilizes the latest maser technologies, including auto cavity SmarTuning™; smart iControl™ Ethernet remote control and monitoring with self-diagnostics; iDurable™ Teflon and Bulb coating; iCeramic™ Silver-Plated Cavity operating with high gain and an extremely low H2 pressure and usage; LoSensitivity™ in temperature change; iShield™ packaging complying to stringent CE mark and EMC interferences; and active/sleep mode of operations for extended lifetime.

The field lifetime of the iMaser is over 30 years, and maser clocks deployed since 1982 are still working perfectly today.     

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iMaser 3000

Key Features

  • Advanced -130dBC/Hz @ 1Hz phase noise
  • iCeramic™ cavity technology for high gain performance
  • iDurable™ Teflon & bulb coating technology
  • LoSensitivity™ technology for higher stability performance
  • Auto Cavity SmarTuning™ technology
  • Smart iControl™ Ethernet remote control & monitoring technology
  • iShield™ packaging technology for stringent CE & EMC compliance
  • Self-diagnostics & maintenance-free operations
  • Weight: 100 kg (220 lb) 


8.0E-14at 1s
2E-16/day (typical)


600 x 800 x 910 mm
23.7 x 31.5 x 35.9 in.

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